Lee really is the shit. Now I know what he was doing getting 8-tracks at the flea market.


Lee Martin (his website) is probably *the* digital music whizz every band should be chasing to work with. Lee build amazing campaigns for the bands he works with (Band of Horses, Beck, Them Crooked Vultures) and we’re extremely happy that he chooses yours truly to host the bands’ audio for his projects. 

His latest creation is an awesome digital 8-Track player he built for Taylor Hawkins (the solo project of the Foo Figthers drummer). To preview the album, drag the 8-Track tape onto the slot and the music starts playing. To spice things up, Lee recorded the album master to 8-Track and back to mp3, creating a new format. The mp8, ha! 

That makes Lee this week’s Secretary of Awesomeness, an not so official title we like to give SoundCloud users that build great things on top of our API.

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