That’s B (As In Boy)…

Every once in a while I give my email address to people over the phone for one reason or another. I always have to spell everything out and I’m always pretty sure whatever the person on the other end of the phone wants me to read will never even make it to my inbox. Some people are smarter than others. [via kottke]

3 thoughts on “That’s B (As In Boy)…”

  1. that’s fuckn HI-LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR-i-ous, man. thanks for the guffaw while i’m sittin here in cubible hell at thE house of mouse.

  2. i gave someone my license plate number, and i said “it’s 1-dog-fox-xylophone” which, when the paper came in the mail read: 1DFZ. i thought that was hi-larious.

  3. Amber, that is awesome! I’m at a client’s office and I just burst out laughing. Thanks, I needed that.

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