The Long Shortlist

The long list of nominees for the Shortlist Music Prize have been announced. Man, they aren’t kidding around when they say “long list.” It’s a venerable who’s-who of coolness, and a lot of stuff of which I’ve not heard. On some level it’s frustrating that I don’t know everything, but it’s all the more reason to make a visit to Amoeba in the very near future. They’ve got some damn fine tastmakers as well. It’s nice to see Cameron Crowe‘s name among them.

Of course I can’t let an opportunity like this pass by without putting in my two cents as to who should make the final list of 10 (in alphabetical order).

Bright Eyes – Lifted
Cave In – Antenna
Damien Rice – O
Interpol – Turn On The Bright Lights
Iron & Wine – Creek Drank The Cradle
Mogwai – Happy Songs For Happy People
The Postal Service – Give Up
Sondre Lerche – Faces Down
Soundtrack Of Our Lives – Behind The Music
Turin Brakes – Ether Song

My vote is for Turin Brakes, which I think is one of the finest albums of the year. Now it’s your turn. Comment away.

11 thoughts on “The Long Shortlist”

  1. is it just me, or is every single indie album released in the past year on this list? i hope The Postal Service wins it.

  2. Brad, you’ve turned me onto a lot of great music. in return, i’ll make you a mix and e-mail you the details. i promise, no Liars šŸ™‚

    i had an awesome time at the Division of Laura Lee show as well, took lots of photos!

  3. The Mars Volta album would get my vote. Other potentials would be Broken Social Scene’s YOU FORGOT IT IN PEOPLE (I think its US release was in June, so it would be elligible) and maybe Out Hud’s S.T.R.E.E.T. D.A.D.

    I can’t believe so many people nominated the YYY album. I tried listening to it many times, but just can’t get into it.

  4. the following are great albums released between July 1, 2002 and June 30, 2003 that weren’t on the list:

    Tangiers – Hot New Spirits

    American Analog Set – Promise of Love (released June 17, 2003)

    Isis – Oceanic (an epic metal album!)

    The Delgados – Hate

    The Exploding Hearts – Guitar Romantic (R.I.P.)

    Broken Social Scene – You Forgot It In People

    Liars – They Threw Us All in a Trench and Stuck a Monument on Top

    and of course, punk is always ignored:

    Bad Astronaut – Houston, We Have A Drinking Problem (my 2nd fav album of 2002)

    Division of Laura Lee – Black City

    Lagwagon – Blaze

    Turbonegro – Scandinavian Leather (Apocalypse Dudes rerelease is on there though)

    but most of all, i can’t believe Ted Leo/Pharmacists – Hearts of Oak wasn’t nominated. i make all my friends listen to Ted Leo!

  5. Frank – Sorry to say, but I think that the Mars Volta album is a piece of shit. Color me old fashioned, but 8 minute songs don’t do much for me. They need a good producer, but we can argue about that all day.

  6. Pinder – The Delgados!! Indeeed! How did that get overlooked? It really is a fantastic album. And Division Of Laura Lee should certainly be on there as well. One of the best shows I saw last year. Look in the archives. I think there’s a few photos from the show. The Liars just plain suck. One of the worst shows I saw. I’ll have to check out some of your other picks.

  7. Pinder – Nice shots.

    Rob – I think I’d lay some money down that Mogwai will be the winners.

  8. wow. so many good choices.. i’d have to go for mogwai, as they’ve had the album i just can’t get out of my head.

  9. Frank made a fine suggestion with the Mars Volta. Though I wouldn’t mind if either YYY’s or Bright Eyes were the top pick. Now go visit my site and buy a shirt. Or at least go look. šŸ˜‰

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