The MP3 Webloggers Decide On The Top Bands

A handful of folks with some of the better (and more popular) MP3 weblogs decide on The Top 40 Bands In America for 2004. There are some great picks and choice words about the bands.

Here are my Top 10 comments made about The Top 40 Bands In America for 2004:

  1. Catchy as fuckall. (Ted Leo + The Pharmacists)
  2. Not the death of indie rock, but quite possibly its crowning achievement. (Guided By Voices)
  3. The man re-recorded an album after more than 30 years of distance and didn’t fuck it up. Absolutely unbelievable. (Brian Wilson)
  4. The crazy kids brought up a gaggle of hippies with maraccas on their SNL performance. (Modest Mouse)
  5. Britt is the indie rock Buddy Holly. (Spoon)
  6. Maintaining an indie aesthetic/gritty edge that’s easy-to-fake yet hard-to-capture (The Strokes)
  7. If President Bush is what it takes to make Punk rock relevant again, than maybe 4 more years is just what the doctor ordered. (Green Day)
  8. The Beatles of hip-hop. (OutKast)
  9. They deliver for me. (The Postal Service)
  10. What other band could play only 5 songs in a headlining slot at a major festival & have every fan walk away completely content? (The Flaming Lips)

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