The opinion marketplace is, if any thing, more crowded than the news market place, and it’s hard to really break through in it unless you’re willing to travel pretty far along the partisan continuum. But because news stories move so much faster and opinion is so much louder, there’s actually more demand for media that explains what those fast-moving stories are actually about. This is a need that is going largely unmet. Both the Economist and NPR are imperfect products, but that’s funda­mentally what they’re doing. It’s not quite news gathering, and it’s not straight opinion, though there’s occasionally opinion in there. It’s analysis. It’s how to understand the stuff that other people are reporting and opining.

Ezra Klein on why The Economist and NPR are doing so well, while many other traditional news organizations are doing poorly.

I’m hungry for people to deliver the news to me and explain it as a continuing narrative. I bet a lot of other people are too.

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