The story of how things break

I was talking to a friend of mine on Friday afternoon. She was talking about how she was cursed and I told her that I didn’t believe in curses. And I don’t. Really. But there’s this thing that happens to me when I buy expensive things. Something ALWAYS goes wrong. Some of it could easily be avoided by simply making other choices. That’s to say that I accept some of the responsibility for things going wrong. Other times, I feel like it’s karma for making impulsive decisions. I do that from time to time. Over the last few weeks the following things have happened:

  1. Someone rear-ended my new car. I was sitting at a stop light and some kid from New Jersey rear-ended me outta nowhere, leaving a couple of holes and some dents in my bumper. Insurance is exchanged, it’s obviously his fault, I call his insurance company and they tell me to take it to one of their “preferred” body shops. It’s near work, so I give it a shot. I not only disliked the way I was treated, but they wanted to just repair the bumper. The law states that the insurance company has to restore it to the condition it was in prior to the accident. How exactly does repairing the bumper restore it to the condition it was in prior to the accident? So the insurance company issues me a check in the amount of their estimate. I wrote a letter stating that I wanted to take it elsewhere and they tell me that’s fine, but that I would be responsible for the difference, assuming there would be one. Super. So now I’m in the midst of fighting with the insurance company over covering the cost of the repair. To be continued.
  2. I took my car in for its 5000 mile service. I dropped in off in the morning and took the bus to work, which was kinda fun. They called me and said that they found a leaky water hose and they needed to repair it. The problem was that they didn’t have it in stock, so I would need to come down to the dealership for a courtesy car. The problem was I needed to get there by 5:30pm on a Friday, which means I would have to leave the office at 4:30pm. I told them that this was a huge inconvenience and I wouldn’t be able to get the courtesy car until later. They then proceeded to inform me that I would then be responsible for renting a car if I needed one over the weekend. WHAT?! How exactly do they expect a working person to jump through such hoops. It’s not like I leased a Kia or something. Long story short, I called a friend who was nice enough to take me, left work really early and drove in Friday evening rush hour to pick up a “courtesy car.” Assholes.
  3. Several weeks back my Apple Cinema Display started acting up, so spent the money to get a new inverter board for it. I detailed in previously, but when I got the replacement board from the, it didn’t work. My screen would come on for a moment and then turn off. The company said they would take it back, but it was a pain in the ass and I was pretty much out of options and couldn’t work on my Mac Mini as long as I didn’t have a monitor.
  4. Shortly after I got my MacBook, I noticed the matte finish was flaking off around the edges. I wanted to wait until it got realy bad before I sent it back. I went in to an Apple Store and they basically said that there was nothing I they could do. I threw a fit and demanded that they document all of the details of the defect. Clearly it was a manufacturing defect and I wanted, at teh very least, for them to replace the problematic pieces of the computer. The “genius” made some notes on a case number and another few weeks later I called Apple. They reviewed the case and agreed to take it back. I sent it in on Wedensday and it was back on Friday with a replacement bottom, but they neglected to replace the top, which clearly was effected as well. Now I gotta send it back again.

I’m a slave to my stuff. That’s the real problem, isn’t it?