Thursday Three – Heroes

Go get your Thursday Three on.

1) What makes a person a hero? To paraphrase, the dictionary refers to a hero as someone noted for courage, achievement and celebrated for their bold exploits. For the most part I think that’s pretty true. A person that I look to as a hero, and there are many, is someone who represents, and otherwise stands for, things that I believe in. It can be as simple as a particular taste in music or as complex as spiritual and ethical beliefs.

2) Do heroes play an important roll in your life? If so, when are they the most helpful to you? Sure, they play an important roll in my life, but I think equally, if not more important, that we look to ourselves for strength as well. As a firm believer that we (every single person and creature on Earth) are all one being, it’s vital that we realize that the inspiration that we look for in other people is actually inside all of us. It’s a nice thing to have people in our lives that remind us of that very fact.

My heroes are most important to me in times of personal doubt or reflection. Sometimes they even become helpful when I’m not looking or when things are going just fine in my life. Those are usually very rewarding instances.

3) If someone was looking to you as a hero, what would be the top three values or characteristics you would emphasize? The first would be honesty, both with themselves and with me. Second would be integrity, or to put it another way, practice what you preach. The third would be to have an open mind and be free of judgement. I guess that’s kind of four.