Thursday Three – Now It Begins

Understand that we have been forced to take a good idea, and make it better. In an effort to better serve the infosuperweb community, stimulate intelligent conversation and inspire whiney criticism, Chris and I will be starting The Thursday Three. Until further notice, The Thursday Three will reside here.

We encourage you to answer these questions on your own site or post your answers in the comments section of this (and subsequent) Thursday Three posts. With that, here are our first set of questions:

1) How excited are you for The Friday Five? Will you be in front of your computer hitting the refresh button so you can be the first one to post? Admittedly, I was kind of excited about participating in The Friday Five until I realized that the questions were, by and large, totally stupid and lacked in the fun department. I will not participate again, except to promote The Thursday Three.

2) Do you cry when you realize all of that time was spent in vain? Do you consider suicide? Suicide is out of the question. I love life and I love you, thus The Thursday Three.

3) Don’t you agree that The Friday Five is the lamest community-building bullshit of a web site you have ever stumbled across? Well, it’s a fine effort, but there is room for improvement. That’s where we come in. I don’t think the use of profanity or insulting another web site’s valiant efforts is called for. If it weren’t for The Friday Five, there would be no Thursday Three.

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