Today marked the end of my second week of trailing for my first half marathon. I had a minor setback last week, but with a little bit of extra rest, today was probably the best run I’ve had yet. It felt great. I’ve really been trying to push myself more. I’ve also been reading a lot about nutrition, which is very important overall, but especially when your training for endurance. @iancr turned me on to some books, one of which is In Fitness and In Health, by Philip Maffetone. It’s an incredible read with tons of science-based info. No bullshit. I’ve also been enjoying Ben Greenfield’s podcast as well as all the resources he has online. Spending an hour a day exercising, progressing toward a very doable goal and eating better (I’ve always been a healthy eater for the most part) is really helping me in so many ways. I want this for everyone I care about. I guess that means you.