Tour Support = Your Support

As a fan of Asobi and wanting to encourage bands to do more stuff like this, I’ve made a donation to the cause. You should too.


I’ve blogged before (here and here) about our involvement with Kickstarter and today the website’s “Project of the Day” features our very own Asobi Seksu!

The NY-based band was offered the opportunity to tour the UK with White Lies later this month and into December. Of course, Yuki and James (Asobi’s core members) are doing the tour more for the exposure than any sort of financial gain. In fact, they stand to lose a lot of money from their trip overseas.

Which is why they’re asking for your help. In return for pledges, Asobi Seksu is offering a lot of great rewards — including Rewolf download codes, signed posters and records, liner notes shout outs and unique handscreened t-shirts.

Matt (PV’s co-owner) rolls into the office at least two or three times a month wearing his and Adam tells me we’ll be getting them for the E-store within a couple weeks.