2 thoughts on “Travis Reappears”

  1. i hope the “different” sound doesn’t mean they continue to get more…i don’t know…dull. the last album, as much as i love that band, was less than thrilling.

    i also scour through the nme site (as well as your blog) when i’ve got a bit of time on my hands, so i have to ask…why is it taking so long for the prodigy album to come out??? sheesh!

  2. hmm.. the last album was alright to begin with. flowers in the window was happy, side was genuinely affecting and sing..was.. well, diabolical really but the majority of it was good.

    as with most things however, the songs get overplayed (by no fault of their own apart from their radio-friendliness) and become sort of stale. shame really. this is a reason why radiohead’s new single will never lose its charm.. ive not met a single radio savy person who likes it 😀 its obviously great though. and im going to see them at glastonbury this year(woo!).

    hmm.. ive babbled. sorry – nice site! 🙂

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