Watch: PS22 Kids Chorus Covers Phoenix’s “Lisztomania”

We saw the School of Rock kids’ cover of Radiohead’s “These Are My Twisted Words” late last year, but check out this rendition of the debut track off Phoenix’s breakthrough record by the PS22 Chorus. First off, it’s amazing how well the songwriting behind both of these tunes holds up with new arrangements, but that’s only a fraction of why I’m so in awe of this video.

On a personal note, the spirit and execution of this cover has really brightened our day around here after last night’s sad Mark Linkous story has been on our minds non-stop. In fact, even Phoenix themselves were moved by this jubilant version of their song, as one of their managers, Simon White, wrote to PS22 (emphasis mine):

[J]ust wanted to say how much we all loved the performance of Lisztomania. I wept within the first 30 seconds! It’s absolutely stunning, the arrangement is fantastic and the singing is just incredible.

The band and I were absolutely blown away – WOW!!!!

It’s an absolutely astonishing version and definitely my favourite “remix” of any of their songs. Please give the chorus our best wishes and sincere thanks.

Sincere thanks from TwentyFourBit, too.