At a restaurant in Colorado. Two white guys having dinner next to us. One says, “you seen Black Panther?” Other guys says, “Hell no! Do you realize if there was a movie called White Panther, everyone would say it was racist. I’m so tired of the double standard everywhere in our country.” Took everything I had not to call the guy out. If I wasn’t with the family, I probably would have.

I guess the thing I’m struggling with is that I use Drafts to write posts, share to app and the post seems to post, but never shows up. Not sure what’s wrong. So then I have to use the WordPress app.

I really wanted to post once on WordPress and syndicate to, but can I also do the reverse – post to and syndicate to WordPress? I just want it to be easier. Maybe I’m doing it wrong?

Having such a frustrating time with Been working for weeks now trying to get my self-hosted site transferred over. So much is broken. And the friction of posting through WordPress to is too much. Too many steps.

I’m a soda water snob. This is THE BEST soda water I’ve ever had. I never knew water could be this carbonated.

I just contributed on @theactionnet: LEAF Project for Universal Representation for Unaccompanied Children. Contribute here: