It’s all internal in a way, but what I have come to realize is that everything that happens to you is part of a subconscious brain force that comes out of the music. I don’t sit there feeling like, Look, right now, I am quite melancholy or sad. Even if my music might feel that way to someone, I don’t sit around feeling like that. I don’t have a harrowing life story that caused my music to be a certain way. Like anyone’s life, things have happened but I don’t feel like it’s in my control. It just sort of happens, really.

The Rumpus Interview With Jon Hopkins



This is a PERFECT example of how Breaching Experiments work to disrupt the “norm” of everyday taken-for-granted life.

Watch as many people are left in awe and unable to know how to act.

Breaching experiments are fun but the dudes I’ve met who specialise in them are the smuggest: “yea, you’re right, I just breached a social norm, just call me the Banksy of research”