We started to get a theory that when you don’t go, that’s when you win. But Nancy likes the event, and I do too, because she does. In some ways, it’s better than the Oscars – the Oscars are great and super-important, but the Grammys is like a really cool concert and you get some very good performances. But this is what happens: We went a couple of times and sort of sat there, and graciously accepted defeat. With that moment you look for at the Oscars or the Grammys, when the cameras go to the people who didn’t win, and they’re smiling wonderfully and applauding. “And the winner is – John Mayer!” And you go: [through clenched teeth] “Oh, wonderful. How wonderful. What a good singer.” Secretly you’re thinking, “He’s not as good as me though.” It’s a very human moment.