What I’ve done to help with global warming

I’ve always been conscious of the impact my daily habits have on the Earth. I grew up in a home that always recycled, composted, gardened, etc. As far as families go in the midwest, I think we were pretty progressive. I’ve tried to take things a step further over the last year and here’s a list of simple changes I’ve made with little to no noticeable negative impact on my bank account or lifestyle:

  • Use canvas bags for grocery shopping 99% of the time
  • Replaced all possible bulbs in the house with compact florescents
  • Installed water-saving shower heads in the bathrooms
  • Purchased a gas-powered dryer
  • Changed over to the green power option for my electricity
  • Removed my name from all credit card solicitation lists
  • Brought a re-usable container to work for water
  • Ride my bike around locally on the weekend for errands instead of driving