What’s The Problem?

Certainly, you must be tired of reading headlines with ‘vote’ in them? I’m gonna take all of my other posts down. Perhaps then some of you will stop putting off your voter registration.

Voter registration is down 5% to a 10-year low in Los Angeles county?? I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why registration isn’t up. Do you Angelenos just take it for granted that Kerry’s gonna win the state? Yes, that must be it. Do you people not understand that Bush must not be elected to a second term? Fine, don’t listen to me. Need some rock stars to tell you? Here you go. For whatever it’s worth, I think Mike D said it very well:

I have no sense of Bush as a man. It’s impossible to distinguish his personal interests from the interests of those closest to him. What is his own agenda, vs. the agenda of guys like Dick Cheney and Paul Wolfowitz? I don’t think I’ve ever heard him speak on an issue where it seemed to be coming directly from himself.

Bruce Springsteen is as eloquent as always.

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