When my mom asks me what I do, it’s difficult to explain. Frankly, it’s somewhat challenging to explain to anyone. Sometimes it’s easier to show. Back in July I traveled with a filmmaker to the Topspin Fulfillment warehouse in Shepherdsville, Kentucky. I love warehouse logistics, but I’m also a little weird. To me, getting to see a 650,000 square foot warehouse is akin to taking electronics apart as a kid. It’s exciting and you get to see things that no one else does. Aside from it being the biggest record store on the planet (guess what’s in aisle 33), there are robots, lasers and all kinds of other nerdy things to see. Part of my job is making sure that when artists use Topspin to handle their fulfillment and customer service, it’s done really well. Most artists will never get to see the warehouse, so Nick Tamburri (the filmmaker) and I made this for them. I’m really happy with how it turned out.