While being subjected to 80s rock at the Topspin office yesterday, a discussion about this very song came up. Peter Brambl thinks is’t quite possibly the worst song ever. I disagree. Knee-deep in the hoopla!!


Starship – “We Built This City” – For the first time ever, I sang karoke last night and this was the song I chose. I’ll admit that I was pretty nervous, despite giving into peer pressure to share my lack of vocal talents with the world. I even Googled the lyrics on my BlackBerry to make sure I knew them! What ended up throwing me for a loop was that the background music wasn’t the original music track from Starship, it was some cheap knock-off track that was completely different in sound. Mentally, I had to play the original song in my head to keep track. All said and done, I’m no longer afraid of doing karoke!

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