While it’s been fun to reconnect with people, I’ve grown increasingly uncomfortable with Facebook’s privacy policy and their plan to share my information with other sites without my permission. I’m tired of having to make tweaks to my privacy settings just to avoid information being shared. I think what they’re doing in the name of “the open web” is a joke. While it’s near impossible to remain anonymous online, I’d like to be the one deciding with whom I share my information. If you’re concerned about how Facebook is treating your privacy, I suggest you read about their practices and consider removing your profile as well. If you’re interested in staying in touch, I can be found on Twitter under the username bradbarrish, I keep a half-hearted blog here on Tumblr, I used Skype under the username bradbarrish and of course you can email me at brad at bradbarrish dot com. So long and thanks for all the fish.