With Love

I woke up this morning knowing that I would be reflecting on what happened a year ago. Despite my residing 3000 miles away from the World Trade Center, it impacted me a great deal. I don’t quite know what to say about it. I’ve avoided the television for the past few days, as I don’t watch much anyway. Most of the news and other commentary that I read is on the Internet, though I won’t deny being glued to the television a year ago. As I sat in front of the television, I was reading people’s words on web sites as well. I contacted a lot of people through email, checking up on friends and sending as much love as could put into words. I published my own thoughts over the days and weeks following the most tragic event I have ever witnessed in my lifetime.

I certainly had a feeling of uncertainty and fear. Living in Los Angeles, I thought that perhaps we could be next. Hell, any city could have been next. I just didn’t know. It didn’t matter how far away I was, it had a tremendous impact on me. It’s difficult to read about the memorial services and personal reflections without feeling sad and angry all over again. It has little to do with being American, and a lot to do with being human.

It’s important to remember how we felt a year ago because while that may have been a time of sadness and anger, it was also a time of love. Boundaries were rendered invisible. People loved one another and came together free of judgement. If you focus on anything today, let it not be the hate and fear, but rather the unconditional love. Remind people (strangers included) that you love them, but by all means look in the mirror and love yourself. Do it in whatever way is comfortable, but by all means do it. We are all one. Love to you all.

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