zach is cool

I waited in line for at least two hours in the unseasonably warm Los Angeles weather. I tried to dress “hip,” because that’s what the invitation called for. I didn’t wear shorts or anything white. No. Because according to the invitation, none of that was allowed. After all that waiting and putting up with, quite possibly one of Los Angeles’ filthiest men, I was in. Oh, and I was seated next to Mr. Filth, who in addition to not washing his hands (and who knows what else) for the last decade, also neglected to apply deodorant.

It was all to see Zach Galifianakis. He’s the host of a new show on VH-1 called Late World With Zach, and he’s damn funny. Okay, I’m lying. I was there to see the Foo Fighters, but Zach is funny and I thoroughly enjoyed the show. Make sure you watch it. It’s on VH-1 every evening at 11pm. Consider that an endorsement. If you live in the Los Angeles area and have an available afternoon you can get free tickets by going to

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